Mountain Bike Idaho is the proud sponsor of the nation's only Mountain Biking themed Specialty Vehicle License Plate!


What’s on YOUR plate matters! Help us preserve, protect, and create multi-use trails in Idaho!


Thanks to the yearlong efforts of many dedicated individuals, Idaho is the first state in the nation to feature a mountain bike-themed license plate. Under the law passed by the Idaho Legislature, this new mountain bike-themed plate will benefit all trail users of Idaho’s 17,000-mile recreational trail system.


The plate costs $35 for the initial purchase and $25 for renewals. The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation will receive $22 and $12 respectively from plate sales “exclusively for the preservation, maintenance and expansion of recreational trails" within the state of Idaho, where mountain biking is permitted.


The plate features a mountain biker, but all trail users benefit from buying a plate.  Recreational trails are used by many, not only to bike, but also to hike, run, wildlife watch, horseback ride and many other activities. So, even if you don't own a mountain bike, but like to recreate on Idaho's trails, you will benefit!


There are two ways you can purchase the plate and help us preserve, protect, and create trails for you. If you want a non-personalized plate, simply visit your local County Division of Motor Vehicles office and order one in person. You can find your closest DMV office by using the map available on the ITD DMV website.


If you want to order a personalized or sample plate, you can do that directly from ITD's DMV Personalized Plates webpage. Simply select the Idaho Mountain Biking plate as your choice. Personalized plates will cost you an additional $25 at purchase and $15 at renewal.


So, if you love our great Idaho trails, buy a plate and put your money where your wheels...or heels are, because what’s on your plate matters!



Founded in 2009, Mountain Bike Idaho is a 501(c)(3) non-profit association. Funds generated by the sale and annual renewal of the plates will be allocated to the protection, preservation, improvement, and creation of new multi-use recreational trails in Idaho.